Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just in time for Lunch

Well I didn't manage to get a picture of dinner pre-feast so instead I got a picture of the lunches for people going to school tomorrow. We had nimono or boiled veggies and chicken. We also had the wife's amazing coleslaw. As I said after dinner, "if we ever open the bakery we will serve sandwiches for lunch and your coleslaw will be the side of choice." I mean I love this coleslaw. The nimono was also good as we haven't had it for a long time. Good warm food for a cold almost spring day.
Here is a picture of one chubby baby. He is feeding a lot and really piling on the weight. He was so fussy today while the wife ate dinner. I just couldn't do anything to calm him down. We think he has realised what is going on when people are eating. He wants some of the action. I can understand that feeling.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not so Bad.

Well the first day back wasn't so bad. I mean work is work and lets face it, there are plenty of worse jobs out there. Dinner however, could not have been better. It was kids choice tonight and that choice was perogies and mashed turnip. Mashed turnip has turned into a fan favourite. Now I can understand this because I have always loved mashed turnip but it seems to me that there are people out there who don't love the giant root vegetable (sometimes called a rutabaga... Research time... Okay after looking it up on good old Wikipedia it turns out our "yellow turnip" is indeed a rutabaga where as the true turnip has white flesh and seems a little rounder). The green salad was originally going to be a coleslaw but we didn't get to our favourite organic cabbage store on the weekend so it was a no go. We hope to haveslaw later in the week. Also gotta get the wife into making salad dressing mode. I am tired of the store bought stuff. I mean its good but I need my vinegar, oil and onion dressing fix. The miso soup was also a nice touch. It was cooked up two days ago and then fridged. Heat and serve. Two of my favourite words.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The end of the line.

So I officially go back to work tomorrow. It has been a good run. Lots of good meals made in the last five weeks. I know I started to slack off at the end but I think it has been quite a good transition. I haven't gone fishing for opinions on this one so I may be out on a limb here but I think I did a fair to average job. And I had a good time. Which is what really counts as far as I am concerned.
As for dinner this evening I tried to get my curry mojo going again but came up wanting. Maybe I am adding to much veggie and not enough spice. Maybe worrying that the kids may not like it is inhibiting my natural flair for mixing up the right combination of spice, salt and savoury. In any case I was not impressed with what I came up with tonight. I really wish I could get back to that curry I made two weeks ago which really knocked my socks off. Maybe it is the trying to go vegetarian which is holding me back. Who knows.
This picture is the current food chain at our house. I make the curry, the wife eats the curry, the son gets breast milk made from curry and I clean out his diapers which appear to be full of curry. Don't get me wrong. I like breast milk poopy diapers much better than real food poopy diapers. Months six to eighteen are not pretty. Here is to hoping it is the last time we have to run this gauntlet.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Red sauce run.

Well this is the second tomato sauce night in a row. Funny thing is the kids loved it. There is something that just makes them feed their faces when we make spaghetti with meat sauce. Two and a half helpings for the daughter. When I was making the sauce I almost blew it. Veggies, ground beef and spices had all be cooked up. I added the can of diced tomatoes and got a good simmer going. Then just as I was about to turn it off I says to the wife, I says, "should I add a can of crushed?" She steers me through the straight and narrows. A can of crushed tomatoes is added and everyone is happy. Sometimes I forgo the crushed toms and my sauce is just a little to thin. Maybe if I was a tomato paste guy then I would be all good but I just do not have great love for tomato paste. I would rather a large can o' crushed tomatoes and get the job done right.
Notice the son decided it would be tastier if he ate it with his fingers instead. The final touch was the face wipe on the front of the white shirt with a napkin easily in reach. Three... its a good age. Back to the dinner, we also had a nondescript green salad with nondescript store bought salad dressing. I enjoyed mine but it wasn't what it could have been. Also I did not make the garlic bread I promised earlier in the day but no one else remembered, or at least they didn't mention it. We had some more chocolate smarties ice cream for dessert. We also had a FerreroRocher each. Decadent.

Here is the wife, possibly sleeping with baby in lap. The Mrs went for a run today and I had an hour of just not being able to make that kid happy. Didn't want to be burped, didn't want to be held shoulder high or cradled in the arms. Didn't want to ride in little huggy thing we have. Then mom comes home and he's all like, "yeah this is what I wanted. You suck old man."
Someday I am going to teach that kid some respect. Just wait till he can hold his own head up. Then we'll see who is so tough.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pizza and Babies

No we didn't eat any babies for dinner. We just had a two month old come over and do some crying, feeding, napping and burping beside our one month old who did some crying, feeding, napping and burping. Sometimes they cried at the same time, sometimes they napped at the same time. Most of the time they didn't. Anyways it was a good night with the old pizza oven making its presence felt. The wife also whipped up some spinach dip and veggies but I didn't get any pictures. We used the mexican salami this evening and it worked out very well. Lots of veggies and I didn't forget the olives. I also made the dough well in advance and let a few of the crusts rise before adding the toppings. Very very nice.
Our guests brought chocolate smartie ice-cream. I guess you could say that the kids weren't too put out. Major fan favourite.

Actually this evenings dinner went quite smoothly as I did most of the prep before our guests arrived. In the end we had a pretty good service to conversation ratio. Nothing like little tiny oblivious babies bringing people closer together. I can't wait until they are at the stage where they will try and poke each other's eyes out. Baby savagery, not to be missed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sort of Vegetarian

Well at least the curry was vegetarian tonight. It was a banana curry and it wasn't great. The problem. I am trying to make it "not" spicy enough so the kids will eat it. However, curry is inherently spicy. So what I end up with is a watered down version of curry. I have to just suck it up and make it the way I like it. I also didn't press the tofu before making the curry this evening so that probably went a long way to making it watery. More preparation necessary.

The sort of in this evenings title relates to the fact that I also made shake and bake chicken. I varied the spices this evening and once again it was great. I really like the idea of throwing a bunch of flavours in a bag and seeing what it ends up tasting like on the chicken. Some day I will hit on the eleven herbs and spices. Someday.

Now I was trying for a look here but I don't think it turned out. As a matter of fact it looks like my daughter is actually regurgitating her meal in the picture with the curry. Next time.

In a side note the daughter went on her first non-family sleep over last night. She is supposed to be home some time after lunch. I am intrigued to see if she got any sleep at all.

I missed it.

Dang, I missed my blog anniversary. I think it is okay though. We had to drive to see the midwife today, everything is going great. Then we stopped for a visit at the friends where we stayed after the baby was born. Very nice. After a lightning fast dinner the wife had a baby shower and I didn't manage to escape after walking over the carrot cake she made. Then when we got home we had bath time, brush teeth, book time and bed time. Once that was done it was 11:00 at night. So the Mrs. and I sat down and watched The Wrestler. I enjoyed it. The wife wasn't so impressed. And now it is the 26th and I missed my Blog-versary.

Can you believe it has been 300 posts in the last year? I can't believe its been a year. I can't believe I have kept at it. I look and see that pizza is not the most made meal at our house but it is way up there. Yup lots of meals have been eaten but the blog has definitely shifted away from a strictly dinner blog and has become a nice record of our family's goings on.

I look forward to the next year and the oncoming fame and fortune. And remember. You were here at the beginning. Take care and talk to you tomorrow, although technically that is today now.

ps. We had pork stir fry for dinner. Nicely marinated because the wife was smarted enough to thaw it in the freezer over night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

She's Back.

Well the wife vetoed my curry plans for this evening. Instead she made ginger shrimp spring rolls. Two thumbs way up. She started by sauteing some onions, then added in carrots and celery cut in the style of Juliane (i think that is long and thin strips). Then she added the already cooked then frozen then thawed shrimp and finally added in her sauce. Its a secret what went in the sauce but it was great. The salad was the last bits of last weeks lettuce chopped and seasoned. The rice was more leftover white delicious rice. The soup was leftover yesterdays turkey and turnip soup. Yes the wife has made a glorious comeback and we are all so much the better for it.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two types of fish.

A friend of ours came over today to help us make Tai-Yaki. This is a classic Japanese baked treat. In the middle is a sweet bean paste. Our friend brought back this cast iron tai-yaki maker from Japan and came over to set it up today. It was a lot of fun.Then for dinner we had marinated salmon. The marinade was concocted from lemon, soy-sauce, dill and sugar. The wife kind of poached it in a fry pan with the marinade. It turned out very well. The salad had an oil and vinegar basic dressing and we nice and simple. The wife really enjoyed the straight up white rice. She usually makes a mixture of unpolished and polished rice but this evening she went easy living and made it with just white. Good times.

Finally we have a picture of the babe at a month old. Can you believe it has been a month. I can't.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still here

Well I was away all weekend attending to a friends upcoming nuptials. It was a great time and upon arriving home I was both relieved and happy to see that everything was still going well here. I just checked with the Mrs. and she did not take any dinner pictures over the weekend. Monday should be a return to things as usual.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finger feast.

Well we started making a new movie today. Its got a princess, a witch, a dragon and a parrot. If you want to know where it is on YouTube then drop me a comment and I will send you the URL once I have it edited and posted. Now on with dinner. Originally it was supposed to be a pork stir fry night but I never took out the pork this morning to thaw so at 4:30 as I was supposed to start making dinner it was still a solid block of ice. The wife had tried to save my butt and took it out around lunch time but it was too late. So instead we took out some chicken nuggets and the leftover french fries from the perogie night and that was dinner. That and the wicked awesome spinach dip the wife made. Now knowing the wife there was no cream cheese or sour cream in this bad boy. Instead there was tofu and homemade yogurt. But it still rocked. Not your classic spinach dip but it was still awesome with both nacho chips and raw veggies. I say next time add a little cream cheese and send it over the top. But it was still delish. So with some not hot salsa, this was a total finger food night. The wife mentioned as she looked over the dearth of dishes, "we didn't use a single fork." Nice.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Need more planning.

With no real plans for spring break we are sort of at a loss these days. With the snow still everywhere, but melting, we can't really play at the park. It is still cold enough outside that we can't ride bikes until late afternoon. And with the new kidlet we are not really in road trip mode. So quality time at home it will be.Today was finger painting. We actually finished off the roll of paper with our painting today. I was just starting to think we would never finish it off and then boom end of the roll. Now we need whoever gave us that gift to tell us where we can get a new one.
Gotta love getting out the smocks. Of course the boy drew on his face in pen today. Then he had the red marker out and covered his hands. He definitely needs some more structured play and less time on the computer. Speaking of smocks I need to get myself a good apron. I think I will just get one of those white waist ones. No bib front for this big boy. It will help me make things like this.

After whipping up this pot of Turkey a la king the wife and I got to chatting about what kinds of dinners my mom used to make. I was trying to come up with a list of classics and here is what I got.
1. Spaghetti Bolognese
2. Chicken a la king
3. Stir fry.
4. Shepherds Pie.
5. Lasagna.
6. Meat Pie.
7. Quiche
8. Curry
9. Roasted chicken with veggies.

If I reach back these seem to be the perennials. Funnily enough these (with the notable addition of pizza) are the dishes that I now make.

Am I missing anything?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

That damn CBC.

So I got my weekly podcast from the CBC radio show Ideas last night. They are talking about health in later life in the series they are podcasting right now. They trace it all back to your birth weight and how much you were talked to and how much stress you had as a child. These are apparently (see how I snuck the word parent in there, 2 points for me) both related to how healthy your mother was and whether she was living in poverty or not. At one point they take a huge shot at the North American diet's lack of diversity saying a greek peasant will spend about $3.00 and eat better than the president of the United States. (Should president be capitolized. Yeah I'm sure thats what he'd like me to think) They talked about the variety that will consitute a Europeans meal, consisting of up to 20 different food items. So that was what I was going for this evening. I did manage to get carrots into both the roasted chicken dish and the green salad. When I do the count here is how it goes, carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, yams, with the roast chicken. Then lettuce, celery, green pepper, and carrots again in the salad. I am only at nine. Now I did have salad dressing and two varieties of ice cream for dessert but I am still only up to twelve. Frick a du da day. How does one get to twenty? Regularly?

Okay I am not really that stressed. The real point I am taking away is that trying to get variety over quantity is healthy. So more veggies in smaller portions in the salad. A 2nd or 3rd side dish when possible. I am not looking forward to going back to work in 13 days.

(the next day)
Ps. I forgot about the tomatoes that were roasted with the chicken. So lets call it 14.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chop Shop

Well I didn't make any dinner this evening. However, my creative juices were stirring today. With the kids I made a birthday card for a 4 year old's birthday. We were pretty much out of construction paper so my original idea had to be remodeled. However, 45 minutes a bunch of glue and paper later we had a functional card and we were off to the pool.
I also managed to whip up this hair cut for the boy this morning. It isn't quite what I was aiming for but I think it is cute enough to get us by. I also gave the long haired daughter a trim. Brushed it wet and then trimmed straight across the seam on the shoulder of her shirt. I watched her walking this afternoon and it looks pretty straight even when she walks. Much more nerve wracking than the boy. Yes I realise his pajama top is on backwards. He had to choose a night when his pj's had a real collar. Funny funny boy. And here is the baby.The daughter took this picture so you can thank her.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Impatient Croissants

Well we had a pretty slack day today. But we did try to make croissants. First of all lets do dinner. At about 6:00pm the kids and I decided we were hungry. We had no plan for dinner or any particular ingrediants on hand. As we looked in the fridge there really wasn't anything there. My wife said how about pizza grilled cheese sandwiches. And so it was.The croissants had started around lunch time. We watched a video on how to make croissants. It was very informative but said you should really take two days to make them. We couldn't wait so it all happened today. We started with the dough. It was basic enough. Then you make the butter cake and put it in the fridge. The picture above is the first rolling of the dough wrapped around the butter.Two folds (there were supposed to be three) later we were back in the fridge. We left it in the fridge for about an hour. This was supposed to be over night. Then we took it out, rolled it one more time and cut it into pieces and rolled them up. They were left to rise on the tray for an hour and then brushed with egg wash. Finally they were baked for 15 minutes at 375.
In the final analysis I think we definitely should have gone the extra fold. Next time I would try four folds. Also I might try leaving it in the fridge over night. They were delicious but they weren't as crispy and flaky as I wished. Patience may be the key to croissants. We had fun doing it and we definitely learned some things. I will try to leave the house tomorrow.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Play then Eat

Well that was the brilliant plan that our dinner guests brought with them this evening. Usually when they come over they arrive for dinner and then the kids have plan time afterwards and everyone is pooped or full and then it gets late and everyone is a little whiney. However, arriving two hours before dinner the kids had a great play day, dinner was made at a leisurely pace and then we ate and everyone went home. Perfect.

Now I did a horrible job of managing the camera this evening and there wouldn't be a single photo were it not for the guests intervening as I was about to dig in to the last pizza. It was kind of a potluck and the guests brought, wings, chips, and a wicked awesome zuchinni chocolate cake. Of course I have pictures of none of these. We added in some pizza and a ceasar salad. It was passable pizza but it definitely wasn't inspired. I don't think I was focussed enough. I was having too much fun hanging out pre dinner to really get in the zone. Everyone else gave the impression of being satisfied so I will have to take them at their word. But I know I can do better.

I did manage to get a post feast picture of the kitchen before I did the dishes. This is of course the state that the kitchen is still in as I write this post. Procrastination is one of the major driving forces behind this blog. Just in case you didn't know.

Oh yeah, we also made bread today. This is the dough after the first rising. Apparently you need to spray it with water if it gets dried out in the rising process. I would never have known. The bread turned out pretty well but of course I didn't take a picture of that either. Having a good day here. We are hoping to make croissants tomorrow. Now that should be interesting. I hope we have enough butter.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Keep the good meals rolling.

As we finished up our dinner this evening the wife said to me, "you really enjoy making dinner don't you." I responded, "When I can use my thinking power to think about dinner instead of work it is a pleasure. However, when I am working I just don't have the power left at the end of the day to think about it or I am still thinking about work." Which is to say, I am loving taking care of dinner and making it to the best of my ability each night. It really is something that you can think about all day.
Tonight I made a marinated steak salad, mashed turnip and beans. I went on line to find steak marinade recipes and the advice seemed to be either soy sauce savory or lemon juice acidic. I put in a little bit of both. I also added vegetable oil, prepared mustard, mustard powder, garlic powder and honey. There may have been something else but I forget. I put the still frozen steaks in a Ziploc with the marinade and left it on top of the fridge for most of the day. I turned it a couple of times and once the steaks had thawed and I could separate them I moved them to the fridge. The turnips were boil and mash with some butter, salt and pepper. Kids loved it. The beans were right out of the can cooked in their own tomato sauce. I liked the accent they added to the meal. The Green salad was romaine lettuce, green onions, cucumber and tomato. I forgot to dress the salads before putting the sliced up steak on, but no one was overly put out.
The wife had made her healthy chocolate brownie yesterday so we had that with some hokey pokey ice-cream. Delish. Funny story. The ice cream was on sale, normally 8 dollars on for 4. So we got two. One was hokey pokey (toffee chocolate) and the son requested vanilla. At the check out stand we had an incident with some chips which I thought were over priced but you had to buy four to get the deal though there was no sign indicating this. Then the wife bought some feminine products which she thought were on sale and when the check out lady rung them back through they were indeed discounted we just hadn't seen the price as they went through due to the chip debacle. So at this point I am apologizing and just wanting to get out the door. Once outside the wife makes me check the receipt and I notice that the vanilla ice cream was charged at $8.19. So I head back in to the frozen foods and just as expected, the only ice cream of this brand that was not on sale was the french vanilla. I am sure it should have been on sale or at the very least should have been separated from all the other flavours (everyone of which was on sale) but after having the two ring through refund ring through agains I was in no mood to debate the relative merits of their pricing schemes seeing as the ice cream was priced correctly. I get back outside and relate the details to the wife. She thinks we should return the over priced ice cream. I don't and we walk home. So the son is an $8.00 ice cream man from now on. Although I can't complain. I managed to get a free four pack of red peppers the other day for noticing that they charged me twenty cents too much. Literally every time we shop there we find something that isn't properly priced in the system. The store's policy is that if you bring it to their attention you get one of the item for free. Every time I have found a mistake I get the item for free. The wife says that from the tens of times she has found a price mistake she has only gotten the item for free three or four times. Crazy. It makes me angry and sad at the same time. It is just much tougher to be a woman than a man. I wonder how many times harder it is when you are a minority.
Speaking of gender, here are the men of the house having some quality bonding time while the daughter is at a play day at her friends house. I took everyone (including the friend ) swimming this afternoon before making lunch. Definitely getting my shots in while I can.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Super Curry

No pictures, no comment.

I started todays curry in the afternoon and gave myself plenty of time to make it. The result. Pretty darn good curry if I do say so myself. The only real issue was that I cooked it down too much. It ended up being quite thick and flavourful. Here is the breakdown of how I made it.
I started with diced onions, mushrooms and red peppers. One med onion, 6 mushrooms and a whole med red pepper. I sweated them on about four (my medium is between 5 and 6) until the onions were starting to go transparent and then I transferred it all to a bowl. With some more oil in the pan (it is a deep fry pan that we got from my older sister) I turned up the heat to about 6 and I added minced garlic 2 large cloves and minced ginger (a similar amount to the garlic) then I threw in two pretty thick pork loin steaks worth of cubed pork. I fried this for a bit and then once the pork was cooked to white on at least one side I added the spices. 1.5 tbsp madras curry powder, 1 t turmeric, 1/4 t paprika ( I would increase this if it weren't for the kids), 1/2 t ground cloves, 2-3 t salt. I continued to fry this adding a bit more oil every time everything got too dry. Once most of the pink was gone from the pork and we had the good fragrance going I added 2-3 cups of water and all of the vegetable stuffs. I also added maybe 1.5 tbsp of vinegar and 6 or 7 shots of worchester sauce. I also added a diced large carrot at this point. I got this boiling turned down the heat and let it simmer for about half an hour. Then I added about 2 tbsp of ketchup. The wife said I should added some cocoa powder at this point but I chickened out. Maybe next time. After I mixed this all around I took one cup of milk and one tbsp of flour and put them in a sealed container. I shook this vigorously and then poured the combined ingrediants into the curry and brought the heat back up. Here is where I messed up. I didn't turn it down to like 2 for a good simmer. I went and got involved in something else and didn't return until the wife said, "what about the curry." By this point I had reduced the liquid by half. It would have been perfect if I had just brought up the heat and then stirred it until it thickened. Then I could have turned it off and left it for dinner. In any case I believe it is my best from scratch curry ever and that is why I took the time to write it all down. Hopefully it will help me remember what I did next time.It was report card day. Everything continues as normal. However, it seems that sometimes the social is getting in the way of the academic. We really need to ... What am I talking about, she's six. Just gotta keep enjoying school at this point.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I started making this evenings dinner at 7:45 this morning. I set out the tofu blocks between two dinner plates to squeeze out some of the liquid content. By 10:45 they were ready to be marinated in a mixture of fresh squeezed orange juice (we didn't have any from concentrate but we did have oranges) soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and coriander (we didn't have the fresh ginger either). First I sliced them into thinner slabs so we now had four steaks ready to go. These were marinated until dinner time. I started with some sliced onions, mushrooms and red peppers and sauteed them. I set them aside and in the same pan on pretty high heat I cooked the tofu steaks. About three minutes a side. I made the mistake of adding in the leftover marinade well before they were done and this really cooled down the pan. Next time I will wait to add in the marinade until everything is really cooked. In the end it all thickened up nicely and after putting the sauteed veggies on top of the steaks I ladled it over. With some peas, corn and rice on the side it was a fabulous and vegan meal. Who knew.

Wow did I ever get that rice overexposed. Good thing it wasn't over cooked.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it the weekend?

I mean when you have three options for your wrap filling things are looking pretty good. Orginally I was just planning to make a tuna salad and a salmon salad option for this evenings wraps. However, the daughter mentioned she would not eat either so I threw in a chick pea and green pea curry as a third option. The fish salads were made from canned tuna and salmon. I minced some onion and soaked it in vinegar to start off both salads. The tuna then had minced carrot and celery added with some mayonaise, salt and pepper. The salmon salad was minced red pepper with our home made yogurt. I also whipped up some guacamole to go along with the shredded romaine lettuce and the left over rice. I had three wraps and feel great about it. This is the kidlet and he looks like he is waving. He is sitting beside the home made bear he got yesterday. Gotta love people who go the extra distance.This is a story of fatigue. I managed to get some quality conk out time with the youngster too. All in all another great day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Summer Food

Well it was burgers and fries this evening. The son made this request and I was more than happy to oblige. In a little twist I did not add either bread crumbs or egg to my hamburger mix. I used to think these were essential to making a good burger but after reading some blogs about burgers I am going to meat, onions, mushrooms, and spices. And it paid off. The fries were the usual thick cut home fries with salt, pepper and basil. I have to go easier on the pepper as the kids did not show the usual interest in their potato friends.

Please note the lollipop in the son's mouth. I was talked into getting individualized treats when we went shopping on the weekend. The son chose lollipops and the daughter chose mini packs of mentos. I am doing very handsomely for myself. Don't tell them.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well that is what we had this evening. We finished off a couple of leftovers and I finally made the shrimp dish. Huge gap between my expectations and how things finally turned out. I just remember making it the last time and being totally impressed with myself (it happens more than you would think and considering my audience you get some idea of the frequency I'm talking about). Perhaps it was the lack of zest from the rest of the meal. The shrimp was still pleasant and the kids polished it off (now I'm looking for tomorrow's lunch idea) so I can't be that down. I think it was the anticipating the making of it for the last three days which was the problem. Anyways we have a new menu for this week and the shopping is alldone so thatshould bode well. Tomorrow is another Monday so its time to get in gear.

Show Time

Well it was show time today. After a busy week of practices and dress rehearsals today was the day. And it went swimmingly. I think by the time the evening show rolled around she was a little pooped so her performance was slightly off. However the video you see here is the afternoon show and she was awesome. In chatting with her friends at the show she learned that there are skating competitions that one can win. She seemed intrigued with the idea. I wonder what next year will bring. The daughter is the jelly fish in pink just to the right of Ariel.

As for dinner we had some left over potatoes au gratin that I had made for lunch with some turkey soup that I whipped up this afternoon. I promise the shrimp dish is on the way. You will just have to give me another day or two to actually get it on the table.
Here are some new shots of the kid. He is plumping up nicely and will actually sleep in your arms for a little while if he is in the right frame of mind.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Change of Plans

So originally this evening was supposed to be ebi-chiri. This is a Japanese stir fried shrimp dish. However, after hitting up the bakery for some loaves and coming away with a lovely baguette I moved up tomorrow nights spaghetti to tonight to make use of the fresh baguette. The sauce included some of the wife's pre-made meatballs. Such a good idea. When she makes a batch of something that is slightly tedious she makes a big batch and freezes at least half. Then she has instant meatballs/gyoza/spring rolls ready to go instead of doing the whole from scratch thing again. The Mrs. gets high marks in the smarts department. The salad was the baby mixed greens in a box with grated carrot and diced cucumber. Still loving the salad dressing we got the other day with the dinner. After dinner we went for the family swim night. Boy, that boy did not want to leave the pool at the end of an hour.

We came home and watched the Spiderwick Chronicles. Much like the Bridge to Terabithia it seems like we may need to get the book.

Below is a foot picture. And the wifes feet aint that big to begin with.