Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Supper

... of 2009. We decided to take the year out in style and went for ... can't stand the tension.... drum roll please.... Pizza! (shouted like the greek "Opa"). Yeah to put this year to bed it seemed like the obvious choice. We also had veggies and dip. Finger food or snacky food as the wife likes to call it. The kids enjoyed their final feast while watching a film. Notice the lack of eye contact with the camera.I got some hot chorizo sausage for the adult pizza tonight but the flavour didn't really come through. That said, the green peppers, mushrooms, olives and red onions brought a flavour tsunami crashing into this meal. So the meat was extraneous. Although it does add a nice touch to the picture.
Here is the Mrs. eating her dinner. Note the veggies and dip, a little runny this evening. I would love to add two or three tablespoons of sour cream to the dip but then you have most of a tub of sour cream left and it seems like it would go to waste.

On a blogging note it has been a pretty week couple of months here. Just haven't had the routine going. Weird nights and minimal motivation. I am pretty conflicted of how I will proceed with the blog in the new year. Haven't spent a lot of time thinking about possible options but I have definitely lost the thread on posting about dinner.

Well things are falling apart behind me. I have two kids in tears. As mom used to say, having to watch your kids fight is definitely the worst.

Happy 2010.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daily Assorted.

Well we had a sort of dinner mash up this evening. In front we have the salmon brussel sprout and corn stew from a few nights back. At the top we have some pan fried carrots and potatoes. To the left we have a cheese, onion and chicken omellette. I have used my mustard liberally to add a little more yellow to my palette. For dessert we all had a gingerbread cookie. The son and I had the cookies that were covered in jelly beans and smarties. The daughter ate the one she had made as an effigy of herself. The wife had a modestly decorated one. Says a lot about who we all are.

Here below is the family forging on with their feast.
It was a busy day around the homestead. What with calling and singing happy birthday into the phone every ten minutes there was barely time to get anything done. However the bedrooms have been rearranged and now all three kids beds (that includes the crib) are in the small bedroom. And that is it. No toys, no book shelves, no dressers. It is a place of sleep period. There is a comfortable chair for feedings and bed time book readings but that is it. All the toys have been moved down stairs and it really feels like we are gearing up for the big fixer upper/mover outer. Still a long way to go but it feels like it has begun.

So 2008

Well we went back to the well. I thought the singing was a cute touch. Funny how the novelty isn't anywhere near the same a year later. Oh how quickly we become jaded.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Spirit Arrives

Well the holidays have commenced. It was make cookies day here and the cookies are legion. Amazingly the toppings managed to last. At the start it looked like we wouldn't have enough but once everyone stopped snacking and we started rationing the number you could put on a cookie everything worked out. Not that I did any of the decorating or baking. I was more of a support staff.

I would have had dinner pictures but we didn't really have dinner. We had perogies, mccains mini pizzas, leftovers, guacamole, salasa, salad and chips. Not to mention treats, cookies and other assorted snacks. Very happy with the fact that I got a run in today. Hoping not to let the last eight months of staying fit all go to waste over the next two weeks. It will be hard.The boy continues to get more interesting every day.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Sunday

Well here is us hanging with Mr Claus. The kids all got scored some loot and got to watch "Cloudy with Meatballs" as part of the bargain. They had all seen the movie once or twice but still stayed in their seats enjoying it the whole time. I think they may have been giving away plot points to the patrons around them but I was at the back with the wife and baby so I can't say for sure. In any case it was a pretty special day as usual.

For dinner we had chicken strips with rice and veggies and dip. The Mrs. had to actually scold the son for not eating his chicken strips. He just wouldn't stop putting back the veggies. The Mrs. also made a version of humus only we added cilantro and probably didn't add very much salt. It was great with the veggies as well. With one week till winter vacation I am just trying to keep my nose above water. I think I can, I think I can.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Birthday Wishes.

Well we had a birthday today so we were busy all day with getting ready. It started with some serious stirring as we tried our hand at making a castella. The hand whipping has us promising to get a hand blender by the fall of 2011. We also talked about getting a good mixer. Yes we are planning to seriously settle down. After that was done the kidlets and I went out shopping. We got some prezzies for mom and some fixins for dinner. Upon arriving back home the Mrs. took an afternoon off for herself. Her last directions as she left were to bake the loaves at 325 for 50 minutes starting at 3:15. So at 3:30 I turned the temp gauge to 325 and set the timer for 50 minutes. What I didn't do was turn on the stove. So at 4:20 I looked in the oven to see some seriously deflated loaves. That were still moist. After barking at the kids for turning the oven off I realised I was the bad guy and turned it on. The loaves pictured below would have easily blocked all views of the little shelf behind them if they had been baked properly. It was a body blow for the wife when she returned to these shrunken sad looking loaves. They still taste good but I messed that one up good.

Trying to recover from the bread debacle I had stuffed the pork roast with an apple, celery, onion, garlic, and cilantro stuffing. There were other spices, salt and pepper and bread combs added as well. This was then roasted with yams and onion slices for about 2 hours. It was delicious but really really late. Once again the extra hour for bread put everything behind schedule.
At seven when we finally sat down to eat the kids had already polished off a whole round of brie and crackers. They had also had some sparkling blueberry drink and an "almost" greek salad, perked up with a bunch of cilantro. It was a long eating up and down evening but I think the birthday girl would give it more thumbs up then thumbs down. Although she lives and dies with her bread. Well I have the rest of my life to make it up to her and probably will spend most of it trying. Here is the kids helping me bake bread, stuff a roast and decorate cupcakes while their mother is out for the afternoon.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Steak Stir Crazy

Well we managed to pull out an old stand by that hasn't been around for a while. The stir fry. I feel like I make a really good stir fry and I whip them up quick and hot. This evening it was a teriyaki steak number. I cooked the meat in a fry pan first and then did the veggies in the wok separately. Right at the end I throw in the meat and mix it all up and then serve. The Mrs. had some noodles that she had leftover and that is what the stir fry was served on. We then watched Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. It was good. The kids will probably watch it three times tomorrow. Life is good.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Show 2009

Well first off lets talk dinner. We had wraps this evening. They consisted of rice, bean and cauliflower sauce, fresh mozzarella, spinach and salsa. Quite a lovely mixture if I do say so myself. After dinner it was right out the door.
Because it is that Christmas season again and we were fortunate enough to have our daughter get a solo in her pageant at school. The video link is at the bottom. In the show she played Cupid. Here she is with the make up and antlers on. I think it works.Here is the full effect with brother doing his best to steal the scene.The best part of the night was right after being told not to take off her make up from the dress rehearsal this afternoon she walks back into the dining room with her face pristine. Apparently she wanted to get made up again. We put some fear into her that they weren't going to redo her make-up and even she was hard pressed to explain why she had cleaned her face when she was going right back out to do the show this evening. But in the end she got her make up done and had a great performance. The performance can be seen here. Along with some video of the boys playing at home.

Gratuitous Baby shot.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Staying in Saturday.

Well it was another pizza night at the local homestead. Bought fresh mozzarella which did not want to be grated however ripped into chunks it did great service covering the pizza. Two kids and two adult pizzas were made. The daughter was on the road at a birthday party so there is lots of kid leftovers for tomorrow. The adults had some pepper salami eventhough I had made the decision to only use the gypsy salami after the last pizza session. However, the pepper salami was great. We made the pizzas in the regular oven tonight for a change. We used the pizza pans and it was pretty good. This is in anticipation of making pizza during the christmas holidays.
Up next is cupid's costume for the christmas production at the elementary school. I bought some iron on interface and then only ironed the hearts onto the interface. So when I sewed them onto the shirts they ended up kind of puffy. I was supposed to iron them together and then sew them, right? Well this was another in a long series of learning events. Second costume in less than a month. I have a weird feeling I want to invest in a good sewing machine. Very weird. Finally it is boys night here. We let mom stay at home. She is pretty important to us.