Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last night in Paradise

This is what it looked like right before we I took the last trip to my new digs.  The storage is literally bursting at the seams but that is what storage is meant to do.  I think we definitely maximized our space usage there.

We also had a final dinner at our short time home.  It was a mish mash of leftovers and what was in the freezer.  As usual it was delish.

The Mrs. has been hitting us with some of our favourites over the last few days.  It is like she is trying to hammer home the fact that I am going to miss her incredibly for the five weeks we are apart.  With my mind on the various other things that moving your family to a new country entails I have had little time for the magnitude of our undertaking to really hit home.  It is starting to now.  I am officially packing up the computer after this blog and will not be driving our own computer again till I arrive in Japan.  Well the clock keep ticking and I have miles to go before I sleep.

Love, Out.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dinner and a Guest

Can you believe twice in three nights.  On Sunday we whipped some currish chili.  Or some chili-ish curry.  Then our friend came over and had dinner with us.  She was a little under the weather from her previous nights festivities.  Then the wife managed to wrestle the fact that is was her birthday.  So we went and got a cake.
I had way too much cake but man was it good.  Very very happy happy.

 Then this evening we had a fabulous meal of cheesy fried potatoes and rice covered with fried veggies and ground beef.  
I promised we could go and look at the river which is rising fast after dinner.  So when I get out there what should the children have found.  

This little guy.

Looking for a positive ID on what kind of creature the river has driven from its home.  Thin not super long tail.  Slightly rounded snout. Not interested in a carrot.  Non webbed feet.  Found near river.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Well we had a pretty good day today.  First a picture of the Baby.  Look at him sitting up like the little man that he is.  He climbed up on that file box all by himself.

Next up we have the kids play day today.  The son got to invite one friend and the daughter invited three.  We had hot dogs for lunch and then they played outside a whole bunch.  We tried to keep them out of the house as much as possible and were mostly successful.

This next picture totally reminds me of the sister directly below me.  The daughter and her friends have their little lunch party all by themselves.  I admit I totally set it up this way but I can see the day coming.

Here are the girls with the baby right before I crashed out for my mid afternoon nap.  They watched about 20 minutes of the Golden Compass before getting bored and heading back outside.

I woke up to find one of them had already been picked up and the second friend was in the process of heading out.  Later on we had some friends over for dinner.  Sorry about the lack of pics but it was a pretty laid back affair.  We put on steak, baked potatoes, stir fried veggies, guacamole and ice cream cones.  The friends added crackers with asiagio dip and rice cripy squares.  It was a beautiful warm afternoon and the kids ranged all over while the adults sat and enjoyed some conversation and a lazy afternoon.  Good times.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feels like the First time.

Well that was quite the break in Blogging.  Still getting used to the new upload tool.  However, I am enjoying the photo collage to start the post.  Today was Mother's Day and we did up a nice breakfast for mom after she came back from her run.  She also had the luxury of sleeping in today. 

In other news it is eleven days and counting here before we pack up and leave the Cottage.  Didn't get any real packing or organizing done this weekend but hey, we still have one weekend left so it will just be busy.  The youngest is recovering for what we suspect was a bout of Roseola.  His fussiness is moving on and he is back to walking around and picking stuff up.  One of his favourite game is to turn off the TV while his brother and sister are watching a video.  It has officially begun.  If my siblings and I are any indication it will never stop.  Hope you and yours are all well.

Oh yeah, Dinner.  We had mashed potatoes with cheese and white fish mixed in.  It would have been fish cakes if we had started earlier or been more motivated.  We also had broccoli and asparagus pan fried with garlic.  A green salad and rice rounded out the meal.  The little guy at a tonne of it and came back for more.  A sign of a truly great meal.

Have a good week.