Monday, December 31, 2012

Year End Tidings

So here is what happened to finish up the year.

We cut down a tree at some friends house and the kids decorated it.  The adults touched it up a bit afterwards but for the most part the decorating was child driven.

We made some Ginger bread cookies.  It was very festive.

We even had a friend over to make the cookies. With three colours of icing, M and M's and Jelly beans in the mix it was a fun yet surprisingly laid back affair.  Both parents noted that there didn't need to be anywhere near the level of supervision from previous years.  Are we starting to chill out?  Perhaps.

Christmas Eve saw Dad making some meat pie.  It wasn't tortierre but it was still good.  The kids were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve.  Never have pajamas been met with such fanfare.  Definitely hit the spot on that one.

The next day was Christmas.   We were woken at 5:00 but managed to go back to sleep till about 6:30. Here is the daughter decked out in her Christmas finery.  We ate breakfast before digging in to any presents and managed to skype with the people who sent them as they were being opened.  Good times.

Didn't manage to get a real money shot of dinner before it was massacred.  We didn't stuff the bird this year. Instead I made a sourdough, apple, cranberry dressing on the side.  No roast potatoes or bread sauce (sniff sniff) but everyone was satisfied.  The wife's chocolate mousse was pooh poohed by the masses so I managed to get a second a part of a third bowl.  Love that light Christmas dessert.

Tomoka was our fabulous guest. This picture was taken with the daughter's new camera.  That is why she ain't in the picture.

So this puts 2012 behind us.  As we sit around on New Years Eve imaging what the future will bring we wish all of you a Happy New Year and send our best wishes to where ever you may be around the world.

Love out,  The Dunnets.