Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kiyomi sings shima uta.

Another version of the song can be found in the following link.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blink, Halloween

It is like a great suspense novel.  How did the summer end?  Well it was like this.

We went to Kamloops for a couple of days.

I was busy, the kids were entertained by the Mrs. 

We tried boating.  We really like it.  We really really like the people we do it with.

These are people who know how to stop and smell the roses.  We are trying to learn from them.  Hopefully we find it somewhere in our nature because it is definitely the good life.

 They even took our relatives boating.  Those kinds of nice people.

 Can you see the fish in the river.  You can do a crazy overland hike to get to these spawning grounds or, you guessed it, you can take a boat.

The damn deer ate all the beautiful tomatoes I had growing in my garden.  We had eaten some but they got the rest.  We did end up with some peppers that were nice.  The squash are pretty good but the carrots were stunted.  Surprise of the summer.  How nice our home grown broccoli was.

 Then, yes, we had to say farewell to the boys of summer.

However, we rolled right into a beautiful fall.

 This is the kids tossing horse chestnuts in the air in Moody park on the Thanksgiving weekend.

 This is the view from our date hotel.  First real date night in so long.  Izakaya, room service, walked all the way around Stanley Park.  We both loved it.
 We also got in some quality cousin time at their place.
 As they had been kind enough to come and see us way back in the middle of the summer.

And now it is Halloween.  We had a Superman, an Assassin and a headless guy.  From 20 meters out the headless guy looked so real.  The Mrs. and I were laughing pretty hard watching him walk into school.  I don't think the picture does it justice.  Nothing like a $2.50 shirt from the thrift store, some mandarin orange boxes, construction paper and some lipstick.

We are back at the coast this weekend in what has been a crazy October.  Life is busy, but oh so good.

Love out...