Saturday, August 30, 2014

Super Soup

Recently we have been on a bit of a vegetable kick.

The garden is dishing out these tasty treats now that we are well into August.  Lots of salsa, both fresh and cooked is being eaten as the summer winds to a close.  We are also at the tail end of a borscht frenzy.  Here is the Mrs. working her magic.  We make the Doukhbour version that you get here in Grand Forks.  I don't think we would fool an old timer but we think it is pretty good.

On the bread front we continue to make sourdough and are fiddling with technique now that we don't use the cloche anymore.  We have had some really great loaves recently.  We have also had some duds.  We are also slowly increasing our reach and even have the occasional new customer.  Looking ahead we are in the hunt for a counter top mixer.  I would love a hobart but that is for the day we go truly commercial.  Currently I am trying out the ankarsrum assistent.  Apparently it takes some getting used to as my pizza dough last night can attest.  We plan to give it a run this Tuesday when making our sourdough.  Pricey but it sounds like it has great longevity on its side.  

Love out.


Rachel Catriona said...

Did you really buy an $800 mixer?
My Kitchen Aid is in storage at in-laws in Vancouver - you guys want to use it? Not great capacity for your bakeshop but yours to store/use if you like.
Made pizza dough on Friday. Kids loved it but I think our kitchen was too cold to get a good rise.

Fall Garlic said...

We have borrowed it from a friend. If we start loving it we may start looking for one used.

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