Monday, August 18, 2014

Swim Season Wrap Up 2014

Well it was another great summer of swimming for the Dunnets.  We had lots of best times and made a bunch of new friends.  This last weekend we were in Kamloops for the Provincials.  Kohei and Kiyomi both had 4 individual races and both were part of some relay races.  Kohei had some good races and enjoyed playing Pokemon Y.  I think the pokemon was more of a focus than the swimming.  Kiyomi has best times in all of her races and wound up with two 5ths, one 6th and one 7th.  She was disappointed in some of her results as 3 tenths of a second would have meant a medal.  She did enjoy meeting the girls whose names she had been reading all summer.  She also knows what it feels like to make a final now.

Camping in Kamloops was a bit of a bust.  We didn't have any real time to enjoy Lac Le Jeune Provinicial Park.  We wanted to stay one more night and enjoy a day at the lake.  Unfortunately someone had reserved our site for Sunday night so we had to pack up.

We had a lovely evening with Mike and Barb Johnson and their kids Gavin and Branden (Brendon???).  The dinner was superb and the conversation (thought mostly centered around school stuff) was stimulating.  We also really really like their new house.  Lets hope we get back to Kamloops more often.

Last of all here is Kiyomi's 100m freestyle race.  She is in lane 6 (3rd from the top in the blue cap).

Kiyomi's 100M Race.


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