Friday, July 27, 2012

Quarterly Review - Sort of.

Hey Hey Hey,  we are at the Econolodge in Kimberley (3 out of 5 stars but probably worth the $99 a night) and we are getting ready for bed.  Last swim meet of the summer tomorrow.  On the drive here the Mrs. mentioned that I need to get back on the blog.  Her point was that it has become a kind of family history.  And indeed it has.  So suitably admonished here I am getting back on the horse.

May and June were all about the school year drawing to a close and summer activities starting up.  The kids started swimming with the local swim club, the GF Piranhas.  Originally we weren't go to go to very many swim meets.  But it turns out they are great fun.  And with two kids swimming it is quality family time too.  The parents are expected to volunteer as timers and other such jobs so everyone gets to feel like they are a part of it.  We are definitely hooked.  Summer vacation started with the daughter's birthday party.

The next week we had a visit from mom and Harry.  There was sewing and a swim meet as well as lots of pool side lounging with drinks.  Good times.

Mom had to do timing at the meet.  As always she did a great job.  A true professional.

Mom and Harry left with the daughter in tow.  She went to the coast for a week of sewing class.  The timing was perfect as the second child had his birthday party.  Nothing like 5 seven year old boys to get things really bouncing.

 The next day we headed for a hike with the swim club.  It was extreme week so they had a whole bunch of extra activities organized.
 Hiking is obviously tough stuff.  Although I have to say, I carried the little one the whole way.  Where the heck is the picture of me toting that tyke around.  Huh, wife, where?

We missed out on the Thursday and Friday as we headed down to the coast to spend some time in New West.  We picked up the girl and spent some time at Birch Bay.  And then it was back to home.  A week of kids being sick and now we are in Kimberley.  Hopefully everything goes well and we have two swimmers in the water tomorrow.

I leave you with a picture of two of the cutest people I know.  love out.

Oh yeah, I also turned forty.  If anyone cares. :p