Sunday, February 28, 2010

Damn Computers

So my blogging has kind of gone for a shit. There are many contributing factors but the largest is the fact that my computer no longer wishes to recognize my camera. At least most of the time. So this means I have to take the memory card out each time I want to download and get the pics directly off the card. If our camera didn't have to be taped shut because it was dropped within the first few weeks of us having it then that wouldn't be such a hassle. So yeah technology is getting in my way. That and the busy-ness of life. Our house is officially on the market today. With the possibility of people coming to see the place I should have been more motivated to get stuff done today but in the end I wasn't. We are packing books and trying to declutter. I need to find a new source of boxes. All in all I think it is going pretty well.

Here are some candid kid shots. They are pre-dinner. The daughter wasn't feeling up to much. Thus the hide behind the apron.The son was being helpful moving a chair back from his room (fort building) so that we could use it for dinner. Is it just me or does he look way older than he should.So this evenings dinner. Don't try to kid me I know that is what you're really here for. Well I don't plan to send you home disappointed. It was chirashi sushi, coleslaw and shake and bake chicken. Followed by dessert. Man my wife does a great job of looking after us. Huge props to the lady in my life.Why the big dinner you ask? Well we had a second birthday dinner for the littlest one today. Originally we planned to celebrate with some friends but they had something come up and we had some semi-sickies here so it didn't work out for having people over. Just meant more for us in the end. And in the more for us department the middle child managed a new record for chicken drumsticks. Seven. If the youngest ever develops a taste for human food we might be in trouble. Below is the second candle opportunity. The cake was a store bought angel food covered with whipped cream and blueberries. Very nice. The video is of the actual candle blowing out ceremony. Notice why flames and babies don't mix.

Well that is all to report from here. With one day of regular Olympics to go, I am sad, satisfied and kind of looking forward to spending less time in front of the computer. Hope all you Vancouverites have gotten your fix. Love ya.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Olympic Experience

Was great, however with the camera in the car there is no photographic proof we were ever there. We saw a hockey game and a medal ceremony. We mingled with the masses downtown on a sunny Friday afternoon. We rode sky train and chatted with some out of towners. It was fun and kind of cool but with the kids in tow it was also a lot of work.

However the birthday party on Sunday was all good. Nothing quite like your first cake experience. Some siblings were heartily missed but they definitely a get a pass with the "busy" cards they are holding. Hope you like the pics K and J.

Friday, February 12, 2010

2 Down

So we now have two bedrooms painted and ready to show. We have scaled back and packed up everything that does not need to be in the kids bedrooms and they are ready for prospective buyers to come and walk through. I still have some door painting left but everything else is in the shape it needs to be. I think the yellow in the first room is quiet enough that it will not disturb someone. And compared to the before I think it is miles better.

It is slowly, agonizingly coming together. The key thing to keep in mind is that as long as I keep moving I will get there.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mystery Blog

Well I was sure I had taken some video reviews of a dinner a few nights back. I also got some video of the boy sleeping and then a picture of the dinner. Mysteriously they are all gone from the camera today when I finally get a minute to blog about them. Darn it. Well lets see what else do we have for you. The middle son is going for a play day on Saturday at his friends Vlad's house. Now you if you know anything about Japanese you will know that two of the english sounds that give Japanese fits are the "v" sound and the "l" sound. My wife is not particularily charmed with this particular friends name. However, we worked through this and I think things are fine now. Starting to get excited about coming down to the Vancouver games. And lets face it. If we are going to throw our tax dollars away on this party and mortgage our future for it we may as well enjoy it while its here.

On a different note, they sent out an e-mail today in my school district that they are going to close two rural elementary schools. Even though we already have a four day school week to cut costs we are still going to be in the whole next year due to lack of funding. I guess there just isn't any money in the budget for education.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Double Bill

Well fearless reader, you have are about to receive the pleasure of not one but two dinner reviews. Hold on tight.


Well after the boarder had butter chicken on Tuesday night my wife and I discussed the pros and cons of making butter chicken. We internet searched a couple of recipes and it looked rather time consuming so I thought it was all for naught. Wasn't I wrong. After arriving home on wednesday evening from my dentist appointment what was a met with but a harried wife (three kids while trying to make a dish for the first time with no real instructions) and an amazing meal. I loved it and it was even better today at school for lunch. Turns out my better half had brought home a whole chicken, parts had been separated, and she decided that it was butter time. Here is what the rest of the tribe thought.


Then this evening I arrive home to a classic weekend starter. Smokies and spaghetti salad. The coolest part of the dinner was that the son had made his own bun at preschool today. It was pretty good bread but I was later told that there were three tablespoons of sugar in the dough. That must have been what gave it that pastry quality. After dinner it was Peanut Buster Parfaits (2 dishes for the four of us, definitely shareable) and now we are at bath time.

Not wanting to jinx myself I have to say that the first week of this semester has been amazing. I know we are still in the honey moon phase but so far are I am not just staying above water but definitely swimming with the tide and catching the occasional wave. Not wanting fate to smite me I am trying to stay humble and appreciative. But things are pretty good.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pork Stir fry.

So that is what the young'ns had to say about the pork stirfry this evening. I hurried home from the arena to get cooking and by the time the herd had made it back, dinner was practically on the table. The wife had cubed, salted and peppered the pork before marinating it in a little cooking sake. I wok-ed it up an then poured the ginger, garlic, honey, vinegar and soy sauce mixture over it. Then the veggies were fried, (onions and carrots first, after they lost their edge I added the green pepper, celery and green onions). The cooked meat and sauce were poured back in the wok and that was cooked with lid on for five more minutes. A little bit of corn starch to thicken up the sauce and it was ready to serve. We had grapefruit for dessert. We purchased a 40 lb box on the weekend (neighbours fund raiser, good fruit) so we are making liberal use of it.

That is all.