Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's a Wrap.

With basically three days left in town it is time to start wrapping things up.  First off here is a picture of lovely Grand Forks from up on Observation Mountain.  I hiked up here last weekend to try and break in my feet for the hike we had planned for today.  It worked.  I got myself some wicked blisters last week that had mostly hardened up by today.

Then today I went for a hike up Mt. Gladstone with two of my work colleagues.  We also brought Duke, the part wolf part everything dog.  It was a beautiful day.  Not too hot, no rain, lots of bugs but overall just a perfect day in the woods.   

This is me trying to emulate my little sister with her candid "look where I am" solo arms length shots.  I don't think I have her skill but I am working on it.  The peak way in the background just to the right of my head is, I believe, Old Glory.  No wait, Old Glory is directly behind my big fat head.  Nice work cocheese[sic]

The next one is looking south, you can see the south end of Christina lake down in the valley below. 

Finally there is Ken Duke and Myself and John and Ken with Mt Faith up in the background to the right..  These shots are facing north.
All in all I couldn't have asked for a better day.  The blisters are bad because I didn't have gators for the legs or snow seal on the boots.  However, the company was awesome, the views amazing and the commune with nature fed the soul.  Whenever I do these kinds of trips I always wonder why I don't do them more.  When I return this is definitley on the list of things I really want to make part of my life. 

Well this is probably all from home base GF.  The next time you hear from me it will either be in Vancouver or over in Japan.  Hopefully I will be a much better correspondent in the near future.

Love, Out.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

19 Days

And then I will be whisking my way across the Pacific to the loving embrace of my family.  The wait is tough.  When I talk to them on the phone it is so bitter sweet.  I hear what they are doing but I don't get to live it.  In recent news, the daughter is doing well and getting into the swing of school.  The wife has made a decision on a Kindergarten and I believe the son will start on the 1st of July.  However, that has yet to be confirmed.  The hustle and bustle that plays in the background when I talk to them is both exciting and unnerving.  It sounds noisy. 

There is a song by Dire Straights, "So Far Away" and one of the lyrics says, "you've been in the sun and I've been in the rain, so far away from you."  It always plays in my head when I am on the phone with them.  I will have stayed up till midnight to catch them coming home and getting ready to make dinner.  Or I will call after school to catch them just before they head out the door in the morning.  Everything is always a little bit off.

And life is much quieter without them around.  I am not used to it.  I want my family.  19 Days.