Friday, May 14, 2010

Well we had a pretty good day today.  First a picture of the Baby.  Look at him sitting up like the little man that he is.  He climbed up on that file box all by himself.

Next up we have the kids play day today.  The son got to invite one friend and the daughter invited three.  We had hot dogs for lunch and then they played outside a whole bunch.  We tried to keep them out of the house as much as possible and were mostly successful.

This next picture totally reminds me of the sister directly below me.  The daughter and her friends have their little lunch party all by themselves.  I admit I totally set it up this way but I can see the day coming.

Here are the girls with the baby right before I crashed out for my mid afternoon nap.  They watched about 20 minutes of the Golden Compass before getting bored and heading back outside.

I woke up to find one of them had already been picked up and the second friend was in the process of heading out.  Later on we had some friends over for dinner.  Sorry about the lack of pics but it was a pretty laid back affair.  We put on steak, baked potatoes, stir fried veggies, guacamole and ice cream cones.  The friends added crackers with asiagio dip and rice cripy squares.  It was a beautiful warm afternoon and the kids ranged all over while the adults sat and enjoyed some conversation and a lazy afternoon.  Good times.

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