Sunday, May 9, 2010

Feels like the First time.

Well that was quite the break in Blogging.  Still getting used to the new upload tool.  However, I am enjoying the photo collage to start the post.  Today was Mother's Day and we did up a nice breakfast for mom after she came back from her run.  She also had the luxury of sleeping in today. 

In other news it is eleven days and counting here before we pack up and leave the Cottage.  Didn't get any real packing or organizing done this weekend but hey, we still have one weekend left so it will just be busy.  The youngest is recovering for what we suspect was a bout of Roseola.  His fussiness is moving on and he is back to walking around and picking stuff up.  One of his favourite game is to turn off the TV while his brother and sister are watching a video.  It has officially begun.  If my siblings and I are any indication it will never stop.  Hope you and yours are all well.

Oh yeah, Dinner.  We had mashed potatoes with cheese and white fish mixed in.  It would have been fish cakes if we had started earlier or been more motivated.  We also had broccoli and asparagus pan fried with garlic.  A green salad and rice rounded out the meal.  The little guy at a tonne of it and came back for more.  A sign of a truly great meal.

Have a good week.

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James Reimer said...

Ijuin? The Kag?

Let me know, I can drop by your way...