Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dinner and a Guest

Can you believe twice in three nights.  On Sunday we whipped some currish chili.  Or some chili-ish curry.  Then our friend came over and had dinner with us.  She was a little under the weather from her previous nights festivities.  Then the wife managed to wrestle the fact that is was her birthday.  So we went and got a cake.
I had way too much cake but man was it good.  Very very happy happy.

 Then this evening we had a fabulous meal of cheesy fried potatoes and rice covered with fried veggies and ground beef.  
I promised we could go and look at the river which is rising fast after dinner.  So when I get out there what should the children have found.  

This little guy.

Looking for a positive ID on what kind of creature the river has driven from its home.  Thin not super long tail.  Slightly rounded snout. Not interested in a carrot.  Non webbed feet.  Found near river.

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