Sunday, October 11, 2009

Almost there.

So we got back from K-town today and my race has been run. I did not break the 40 minute barrier. I managed to hit 40:48 with something of a death mask on my face at the end. Chach had a good chuckle I think. I feel like I ran a pretty good race. I was running negative splits with some other guys who also were planning to do under 40. Then at about 5K they dropped their splits and I didn't feel like I could stay with them. If I had I think I would have cracked way earlier. As it was I felt pretty slow between K 7 and 8. Then I tried to pick it up but by K 9 I was feeling brutal. I managed to kick home maybe the last 3-400 meters but by the time I hit the final accelerator I had already hit 40 minutes.

On the positive side:

Full training cycle without getting injured. Even when I kicked it up in the last three weeks and started doing intervals.

Personal best time for a ten K.

I had a bit of a cold (not enough to make a difference but it still soothes the pain)

Came tenth in the field of 10 K runners. (this was a surprise)

On the negative side:

I am pretty sure I have some achilles tendonitous that will have to be attended to before getting back into it.

I still haven't broken 40 minutes.

That was pretty grueling and I will have to work even harder next time.

All in all I would have to rate this running season as successful. It was nice to see chach and her man there. Others were missed but we are back at the coast in two weekends, October 23rd is the Friday night. We are free for dinner both Friday and Saturday. I don't want to push my luck but maybe Ritchy would be up for round too. We could order in or potluck it so that it isn't so much work. Saturday should be a good day of hanging out. We are going to try and find and indoor playground to go and play at. Possibly in a mall, any ideas let us know. We will be heading home after dinner on Saturday. Busy busy busy.

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