Monday, September 14, 2009

Soup and Noodles

Just not together.We had a nice squash and pea soup to start this evening. The peas were of the dried variety and though they had received a good soaking and boiling there were still a tad crisp. The rest of the soup was awesome and a little pea crunchiness couldn't keep it down.

The Yaki Soba was fried up with some lovely pork and the vegetables normally associated with Yaki soba. Onions and carrot spears. The sauce was quite lovely but then my daughter mentioned I could have it with hot sauce. So I did. There was some fresh salsa for dessert but it didn't make it into any picks. I made some for the kidlets and then some spicy stuff for me.

Had a big discussion about why I like spicy food. The gist of it was that I was sort of denied it as a kid and thus grew a craving for it. I remember eating it inspite of the burning mouth and runny nose. My mom had said I wouldn't like it. And now it is what I usually crave. Here is to hoping that my kids turn the corner some day, some day soon would be even better.

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