Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finger Food.

Well we have made it through another week. How about coming home to this. The daughter who stayed home sick (dubious sore throat) mentioned that she had added some love to the bean dish. Apparently she didn't want to make chili as last night they had had curry (I got it for lunch as I had a union meeting last night, sandwiches). So they made this interesting dish with brown beans and veggies. It was served over rice and thought i had brought out the hot sauce I didn't end up using any. Seeing as there was some searing hot fresh salsa right next door it seemed both like overkill and a waste. I didn't pick out the fresh basil flavour of the beans until my last few bites but in retrospect it was there the whole time.
I had whipped up the fresh salsa. September may just be my favourite food month. I can have fresh home grown salsa almost every day. I did head out and pick up my organic produce for another salsa session this weekend. Still need to wrangle up some onions and a few more coloured peppers. But things are looking real good. Hoping to bring home about 20 liters this weekend. That is 3 really full pots of salsa. I am figuring one kids, one medium and one crazy. Need more habaneros.

Below is the what happened today while I was at work. So nice dunked in a glass of milk. The wife ran out of some stuff so she used real butter. Wow!! Yes love is a worried that is often bandied about but I have to say. I had feelings of the four letter persuasion.

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