Sunday, September 13, 2009

Home and Home.

So it was home cooking again today. To start with we did make bread today, honest. Only I didn't take any pictures of it. The first rise was pretty long and the second rise was also long. It was a warm day. Yet the bread just wouldn't get that big. However, it is going to be great slathered with my topping of choice or under a fried egg with melted cheese on top. Yes, we like bread.On a different note I made some lasagna for dinner this evening. The ever strong zucchini made it's presence felt as the bottom layer. Overall it was pretty good but could have used another can of tomatoes. Not as saucy as I like it. The garlic bread was pretty good, even if it wasn't our bread. The green salad was really tasty and we are still enjoying the thai sesame ginger dressing. The daughter wanted to know if it is sold here in town. I replied of course. She wanted proof. Was I sure? Had I seen it? I answered in the affirmative but I don't know if she really bought it.

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