Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pass da Pasta

Well we all didn't have pasta tonight. Some of us had mashed yam. Some of us were very happy about having mashed yam. Later we were unhappy about not having pasta and sauce but I think the happy side definitely won the day.The rest of us had pasta with meat sauce. Sauteed onions, followed by ground beef. The oil was drained then I added: crushed garlic, a can of diced toms, a can of brown beans in tomato sauce, zucchini chunks, and green pepper chunks. The garlic zuch and green peps were from the garden. I almost managed to get a greek salad going but I was too hungry and no one else seemed all that worried. The garlic bread was baked open faced. Topped off with some Kraft Parmesan Cheese style topping it worked like a wonder. For the kids it was an unusually poor eating night. No one complained they just didn't eat that much. I am sure it will have a resounding come back for lunch tomorrow.

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