Friday, September 4, 2009

Mmmm Steak.

Tofu steak that is. Once again the peanut sauce variety. I didn't get around to pressing it tonight and that really did make a huge difference. Didn't fry up anywhere near as nicely. So yeah, not pressing out the moisture made for more of a steamed and less of a fried feel. Still very good but not quite the same. The wife fried up the other eggplant I received and we had some nice white rice. This plate is missing the fried zucchini and onions that I was too hungry to wait for. They were well sauteed and dipped in the peanut sauce were, if not other worldly, then at least stratospheric.

In other news we are thinking about enrolling the daughter in the local kids theatre program. This year they are doing Annie so we are going to watch the movie. The daughter is figuring herself as the lead. Seeing as the age range is from 7 to high school I am trying to say maybe a nice spot in the chorus. Time will tell.

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