Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good Day

It was one of those recruiting commercial type days here. You know, we do more by six am than most people do all day. Truth be told I was still happily dozing at six am but I did get up soon there after and go for a run. The two trips to the dump that have been waiting got done. Car washed and vacuumed. Made pizza for dinner and went for the last cheapo Thursday night swim of the summer. So yeah I am feeling pretty accomplished today.

Looking more closely at the pizza the adults had eggplant on theirs. It was a really cool pink and white marbled eggplant that my gardening guru gave me. I have one growing in my garden but I am trying to hold off on picking it.The Mrs. picked up some spicy genoa salami for the adults pie and it was great. Mushrooms, home grown green and banana peppers along with some red onion rounded out the toppings. I went with two cups of unbleached and one cup of whole wheat flour for the dough. I mixed things up and didn't let the yeast sit in the warm water as long as usual. I also added more olive oil than usual. As I kneaded the dough I added about half a cup of unbleached but I ended up with a really nice dough.
Unfortunately the kids were pretty disappointed with their ham, pineapple and basil pizza. Just look at those forlorn little faces. Breaks your heart don't it.

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