Friday, September 18, 2009

Full day of Work.

That is what 8 hours of salsa making is. We are now 24 more litres of salsa to the good. Which should put us at 35 if I have done the math right. The first batch was a kids batch. Used one whole clove of garlic and a bunch of plums we got from a neighbour last month. No hot peppers but I did once again use fresh basil. The kidlets had some with their dinner and enjoyed it. This bodes well. The second batch was a classic hot batch. If I can get away with calling anything I do classic. Two apples, a zucchini, half a pound of jalapenos, 10 pounds of tomatoes and 7 pounds of sweet peppers. I also used two tablespoons of salt and six tablespoons of vinegar. This is how I usually make my salsa.

For the last batch I did not add zucchini or apples. I did however add in two habanero peppers. This really intensifies the heat. Right at the end I chickened out and added in two tablespoons of our applesauce to each litre jar. It tastes pretty good now so it should be real real good in a couple of months. I am of the opinion that salsa ages like wine. The flavours blend and spread if you give them enough time.

Had an interesting conversation with the daughter. We were talking about having a garage sale and she said we should sell salsa. So I said our salsa was too expensive. Then I told her it actually cost us about $1.50 a jar. But to sell it I figured it was worth about $20.00 a jar. Because we made it there are only 40 something jars of it in the world. We can give it to friends or eat it ourselves but selling it doesn't really make sense. She didn't seem to understand how profound I was trying to be. She just thought we could make some bucks selling sweet salsa on one side of the stand and hot salsa on the other. Tuck that lesson away for another day I guess. (Her lesson to me or mine to her, I can't decide.)

We had burgers for dinner. No picture as I was right in the middle of the second batch and what with barbecuing and slicing, dicing, boiling and spicing I just didn't get to it. However, the Mrs. pointed out, and I noticed too, that the quality of the ground beef we got was really good. Overwaitea up here definitely has the best meat. The beef actually tasted like beef. Best burgers we have made in a while. Also they were served on our home made bread so esthetics aside an alround delicious meal.

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