Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More comfort food.

Nothing crappy happened today. We just weren't into cooking so we went with something easy. French fries, perogies and a green salad with orange segements (the wife added the colour, I was in charge of the starch).
I actually had some good news today. A colleague called and offered up her husbands old bike. Turns out they just bought new ones and are no longer in need of their old ones. Their old ones are like new to me so I am very excited to be back in the bike game. Talked to the insurance people and though our deductible is a little steep we can replace everything and get reimbursed for it. So it sounds like insurance does work. We don't know if we are willing to cough up the deductible but maybe once I am getting paid again in the fall we may change our mind. In any case we will definitely be replacing the bike trailer.

In another neat piece of news I saw a family travelling by bike today. Two parents, three kids, two tandem bicycles with one of those ride along trailers on the back of one of them. Talk about seeing a picture of yourself in real life. It definitely looked like the kind of setup we could work. And they were riding through the Kootneys. Saddle bags and the whole bit. Yes it was a little piece of perfection if you ask me. Give me four - five years and I hope that will be us.

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