Monday, August 3, 2009

Cupboard Snooping.

So we planned to go shopping today. I just didn't happen. So around 4:00 the Mrs. and I started to shuffle around in the kitchen. She pulled out that random can of pad thai sauce that we had. I had been worried it was hot but she assured me there were no chili pepper symbols anywhere on it. After cracking it open I decided it would go nicely with our last two cans of beans (kidney and chick peas) and whatever vegetables I could muster: carrots, onions, celery, and another zuch from the garden. With a little garlic squeezed in it was quite a nice bean stew of sorts.

This was followed by a serving of chocolate cheese cake ice cream with some home made apple sauce. Sweet and tart. Just like my wife... Please don't tell her I wrote than. Wait, she reads this blog. Okay honey, I meant it the best way possible.

I gotta go, the dog house is calling.

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