Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lunch, in camera.

We had people over for lunch today and had chicken salad, egg salad and pasta salad. The first two of which were meant to be eaten in buns. We also had some veggies and dip. Then the kids played while the adults chatted. Late afternoon we went to the river for a swim and took the play friend along for the ride. It was great. Almost let the son drown. He moved a little out of the swimming hole and found a place where the water was a little over his mouth and he couldn't quite get the leverage to walk back against the slight current.

Fuck me was that ever scary. Holy shit do I have to keep my eyes on him. No life guard there. He thinks he can swim. Not a good combination. Coincidentally I have been thinking about pools recently and how they are so dangerous with little kids. My self talk went something like this, "well as long as you are vigilant and have lots of safety procedures." That shit just went out the window. Not until all our kids are strong swimmers. That has to be the starting point. And then gates that lock, not just latch but "I need an adults intervention to swim" lock.

Just one of those parenting moments that brings you up short. Kid racing towards a stop sign on their bike and you are praying they won't forget to brake. Chasing sister on the side walk and traffic is busy. Put them down to sleep and pray they don't manage roll over and suffocate or some such nonsense.

But the good times are good.

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