Sunday, August 2, 2009

A bad sign.

When this is all I can muster the energy to make for dinner.

Some stinkers must have been walking by my house late last night. They decided to take my 12 year old mountain bike and the double kid stroller attached to it. I am betting that it was a joy ride/getting somewhere kind of routine. I doubt there is any resale value. However, it really really sucks. Those were a vital link in our transportation plan. We could go out as a family with me towing the two boys and the wife and daughter riding along. We could go to the library and shopping. Downtown wasn't too far, even on a smoking hot day. Now I am limited to my walking radius or using the car. Man... we just rode our bikes to the river yesterday, it was great. So yeah I am a little down. Didn't do much today, long afternoon nap. Quite a bit of driving around looking for the bike and trailer. Then for dinner I had beers and chips and dip.

At least the kids had some udon noodles. We had bought some smokies but I just couldn't work myself up to turning on the barbecue. I think I will keep drinking and watch some movies until late at night. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow. Although, hung over is usual not synonymous with better. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Okay bright side, trailer had some rips in the fabric and was almost done. Mountain bike was 12 years old and I had been contemplating replacing it. House insurance may cover some of the replacement cost. "I am trying real hard to be the shepherd."

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von grudegin said...

ahh man, I am so sorry to hear that. I was super bummed last summer when mine was stolen. I didn't replace it which was foolish. walking is for chumps.