Friday, July 31, 2009

Bait and switch.

So the daughter decided she was going to make dinner again this evening. Planned it out yesterday and everything. Then 4:30 rolls around and she just isn't that into dinner. So I got the nod and was up off the bench within minutes.

Tonights dish was a red pepper and coconut chicken dish. Lots of cilantro. I rather enjoyed it. Pureed half the red pepper and onion and all of the garlic, diced the other half f the veggies. Tore three chicken breasts off the bone and into strips. The diced veggies and chicken pieces were browned on all sides in a large skillet. Then the puree was added back with salt and pepper (note to self more salt and pepper next time). This was cooked for about seven minutes. Then a can of coconut milk was added. Simmered for another 8 minutes or so then the chopped up cliantro was added into the mix. Served over a bed of nice white rice. I added paprika to mine after the fact. Everyone had to add some salt. But it was a nice meal. (okay I had already eaten a bunch before I took the picture, at least the bowl hadn't yet been licked clean)After dinnerthe two oldest and I went to see the new Ice Age movie at the theatre. They both had a good time even if I did eat most of the popcorn. (I have bigger hands and am more focussed, its not my fault.) The going out after dinner was pretty exciting even if I did just have to talk the son down. Bit of an over tired tantrum. I don't know why I partake in these. He is asleep on the couch now and I can easily move him back to his bed. Definitely the path of least resistance and thus should be first choice.

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