Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stormy Vegetables.

Lets start with dinner. The Mrs. picked up a nice foccacia loaf from our baker friend and I made a vegetarian chili. Today was a good day and the spices and flavours mixed well. Who knows what makes for a good vegetarian chili day. Maybe the weather has something to do with it. My veggie chili has been so inconsistent lately that todays lovely flavour came as something of a surprise. Yeah me.
So on to the stormy, we had a thunderstorm here this afternoon. Massive booming noise, visible lightning strikes, occasional pounding rain. What does this all mean. No lake swimming. So still no movement on the ring front. The son however is making great progress in his swimming lessons. By great I mean he is mostly doing what he is told and have a great time doing it. Tomorrow is the last day and we have our fingers crossed that he is going to pass his level four. For some reason I think this is salamander.

We also had a swimming night at the pool. It is thrifty Thursday so I took the two oldest. A full two hours of swimming fun. They both had their new goggles and spent the majority of time under water. I was pooped by about 8:00 and sat and watched or threw the rings to dive for, for the last half hour. Good times.

The Mrs. and I have both noticed how tired we are. With the two of them looking for constant entertainment and no natural flow to the day we are both struggling a bit to get anything done. The schedule sort of works but what we really need are some activities that the kids can do with out direct supervision or parent input. Sort of looking forward to September. Yikes.

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Dora said...

This might be why someone invented kids camp/day camps for the summer. Parents were getting burned out.