Friday, July 24, 2009

We train 'em young.

A trip to the library today managed to snag us some childrens cook books. The daughter wanted to do her part and make some dinner. I thought to myself, "This could be good, this could be real good."

Tonight's dinner was quick skillet lasagna from Canadian Living Best: Kids in the Kitchen Book. We added a few of our own flairs but basically Iread and she chopped, sprinkled and stirred.
Now there is a delicious smile to go with some chopped mushroom.Mmmm, fried garlic and ground beef. We didn't forget the basil.Here is what it all looked like before she stirred in the cooked pasta spirals and layered on the cheeseThe maestro with her masterpiece. She was pretty proud with the meal she made. We all were and of coursethe real question, how did it taste? I loved it. Everone else gobbled theirs up too. With the wife's coleslaw also on tap it was a great meal. And all I had to do was read.

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Dora said...

The first photo of Kiyomi chopping is ridiculously cute.