Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little help here.

So yeah, we went to the lake today for a swim and I have returned home without my wedding ring. You haven't happened to find it have you? We are pretty sure it is somewhere in the middle of the swimming area anywhere from 20 to 120 feet off shore. Yes, we do have plans to go back to the lake tomorrow. Me with snorkle, mask and a t-shirt to wear in the water while I troll around. Fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle. Not holding out much hope however.

As for dinner we had sushi. This is definitely the right meal to have on a hot day after being out and about. The wife whipped up both tuna salad and salmon salad type fillings. Both were great but the kids went nutso on the salmon and it is completely finished off. I also partook of the vegetable offerings. All in all filling and delish. But don't just take my word for it. Below is the daughter expressing her pleasure over having such a fine feast. I know it wasn't vegetarian but with the minimalist fish filling I will give it an almost. Really hoping to get my yoga on tonight and try and vanquish all the bad lost ring thoughts I am having. It is one of those things were the harder I try not to think about it the less I am able to think about anything else. Well shit, welcome anyways.

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