Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Going Veggie.

Well we are trying for a few days of vegetarian now that we are back home. You know, kind of flush out the system. So in that vein I made a vegetarian curry this evening. It had lots of different kinds of beans and I kicked up the flavour a notch with some ginger powder.
Unfortunately, we were all pretty satisfied by the time I got around to taking a picture so all we have for you is this mostly empty bowl. The bean and lentil soup mix didn't have enough time to soak or boil so there were some pretty crisp beans on everyone's dish. Thats what teeth are for I say. I made up for the crunchiness of the beans by whipping up an incredible raspberry smoothy. We are currently inundated with raspberries so we are using them in everything. Even raspberry jam. (see last night). Below is the son doing his best surprised look.

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