Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We killed it.

So, in spite of the gruesomeness of this evenings pictures I can honestly tell you that there were no animals harmed to make this evenings meal. I decided to make raspberry infused tofu steaks for dinner. The sauce was a blend of raspberrys, vinegar, cooking sake, olive oil, ginger powder, salt, soy sauce and sugar. I pressed the tofu and then covered it as the picture below demonstrates.
My raspberry mixture was quite thick and the tofu didn't take it up as well as it normally does. However, after microwaving the leftover marinade for a minute and a half the raspberry flavour came blasting out. Honestly, you could have poured it over some vanilla ice cream.

We also stirfried up some vegetables with some minced fresh ginger and garlic, some salt and pepper and a little vinegar. Crisp, fresh and delish. To start dinner off we had some chips and dips. The dips being kids salsa and dilly yogurt ranch dip. I am totally stuffed. Lets hope for an early night.

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