Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Back

Well we have finally arrived back in Grand Forks. It was a grand eight days. We were on the go go go most of the time. Unfortunately we didn't take all that many pictures. Here are a few we took in Victoria.
The horses were hitched right outside our hotel. We never rode with them. This next picture was taken by a passerby. The Mrs. was going to take the picture but then this nice lady stepped in. Further along the walkway down by the water we stopped and watched a show by a juggler/comedian guy. I ended up in the show.The real highlight of the Victoria trip was spending quality time with our friends who moved from the GF. We had a lovely dinner together and then went for a walk and played in a park. Afterwards the kids played a board game. Just like old times.

Our time in Vancouver was split between staying at my mom's and staying at one of my sisters. Both sets of accomodation were outstanding. We had a couple of nights down at Kits beach hanging out and having snacks. We also had a great family reunion barbecue. We ate lots of burgers and fries and various other foods. All in all it was a great trip and we really enjoyed ourselves even though we are glad to be home.

So when you get home what is the first thing you do. We pick berries. We picked a couple of bucket loads of raspberries. After bringing them in the Mrs. pulled out the freezer jam pectin packets that she had sitting on a shelf. Half an hour later and voila. 11 quarts of raspberry freezer jam is down stairs in the upright freezer.I did clean up after all of this and then it was time to put the kids to bed. They of course had been busy and made a fort in one of their rooms. Now the son is asleep on the couch behind me because he is too scared to sleep in the fort. Lots to do tomorrow. Night.

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