Monday, May 25, 2009

That boy.

Here sure knows how to push buttons. Recently a neighbour commented that he is a real individual and may end up being a handful to raise. I have a feeling she may be right.

This is the picture prevent mode. He waits right till the last second and then shoots his hand or face right into the frame. I am working on that whole redirect. Rather than say stop give him a chance to do what he wants and then redirect him to a better activity. The key element is having the patience to do this. Not so strong in this department. Here is the actual feta topped red cabbage and lettuce salad. Nice simple vinegrette to top it off.
I has tasked with making curry and in spite of my last curry debacle I was a little wary but I went very middle of the road. Too much salt but it both tasted of curry and was not too spicy. The kids put back their bowls, the son going through two. Here he is posed by my bowl.
He had his first swimming lesson today and it was very different from the daughters first lesson. Unlike his sister he was totally disinterested in the other students and had no fear of diving in to retrieve stuff that was under water in the kiddie end. Did not pay any where near as much attention to the teacher but looked over at me about the same as his older sister. They are both in lessons now for the second week of the summer. Yes, I love it when a plan comes together.

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