Sunday, May 24, 2009

It moves

Well with the daughter gone for a play day this afternoon the boys in the house had to entertain themselves. This picture here is us reading the son's pokedex. You know, what does a Ralts become and at what level does and Abra become a Kadabra. The really pressing questions in life. After we tired of that we decided to get out the jolly jumper. Now lets preface this with the fact that we have owned the jolly jumper for seven years and neither of the first two children enjoyed it. However, the smallest of our brood seems to have gotten off on the right foot, so to speak. Now if we can just keep the other son from violently swinging him things should be okay.

As for dinner we stir fried up some cubed chicken breasts in a ginger garlic honey sauce. Some other veggies were stir fried up afterwards and then we wrapped up the whole deal with some crispy noodles in some lettuce leaves. Mmmm good Sunday night victuals. (had to look up the spelling) Our first summer plan has fully fallen into place. We are going to Vancouver Island for a night or two. Yee haw. Which means I have to get on the registration for summer swimming lessons. Definitely going to do that tomorrow. Wednesday at the latest. Hold me to this.

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