Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swine and Cheese

Well I know it is going to be a good day when the daughter manages to put together an outfit like the one she had on today. There was pink in the socks, and an orange design on her shirt. I actually asked her to pose for a couple of snaps before we headed out the door. I especially liked the necklace accessory. Unfortunately, this moment of grace and light was followed by one of utter exasperation. This guy was found for the second day running in the garden. One more of my precious yellow cherry tomato seedlings was unceremoniously toppled. Now all the remaining seedlings have tin foil wrapped around them. Strange days out in the garden. We have caught and killed more than a dozen of those little buggers. The real question is how many more lurk out there. It could be in the hundreds. In one little patch of dirt the daughter managed to rustle up six. Really kind of staggers the brain. Lets hope tinfoil does the trick.

As for dinner the wife said she was going to do something simple as I went running after school. Imagine my great delight to arrive home to steamed vegetables with a tangy sour cream topping. Also some perfectly fried porkchops and a healthy (both in size and content) serving of rice. After dinner we managed to get in some gardening time, didn't make it to puppy play group, did play some pokemon, and finally brushed teeth and sent everyone off to bed. Full day and I am bushed. Lets hope tomorrow goes well.

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