Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Party

Well here is one of my brothers in law excitedly hiding behind a beer bottle while the food conscious sister attempts to ignore me with a serious look on her face. Classic. It was an awesome party.
Even this guy was having fun being passed around. It usually went like this. Mom gives him to me so she can get a break and eat something. Some aunt or other comes and gets him from me. Some other aunt takes him. Grand ma gets a turn. By this time he is cranky and they dish him back off to mom. Repeat.
Three cakes but I got the picture of the important one. The dinner consisted of two types of curry, fruit plates, veggie plates, seven layer dip, and a super star lineup for te-maki sushi. I thought it was an excellent team effort and everyone seemed very satisfied. It was also nice to be there with most of my family around. We were without one sis and a bro in law but hey, people have lives people. It will all work out some day. Apparently in July.
With the weekend at an end tt was a full on nine hour saga with lots of baby crying along the way to get back home. We stopped for some play at McDonalds where I was soaked for breakfast and will be much shrewder next time (yes there will be a next time, as they have a playground and it is the right distance from the city to stop for the early morning get your play on rest break). We also stopped at Manning park and donated some of our almost stale bread to the birds and the ground squirrels. I didn't take any pics but the son had it figured out and the rodents were practically crawling all over him to get his bread. Very cute. When we got home it was hot and we were tired. We finally rolled in around 5:00 ish but I didn't get dinner on the table till seven. Here is this evenings feed. Smoked turkey sausage pasta and sauce, with garlic bread and home made guacamole. This is my definition of an easy meal. Mostly because it takes very little inspiration to do well and everyone enjoys it and leaves full. Only problem was the heat it added to the house. Next time will take the wife's advice and have barbecue with salad.

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