Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Other's Day.

So yeah, it wasn't my day today. However, it was our fabulous wife and Mother's day. And I think we did it up right. We started by sending her off for a run and whipping up some waffles. What we don't have a waffle maker, you say. What we've never made waffles before, you say. Pish tosh. The wife has a great winter holiday recipe magazine and the yogurt waffles were sitting right there, waiting to be made. I improvised and used our favourite sandwich maker to make the waffles. It took three attempts before I realised I had to turn it over right away after closing it. By the sixth set they were pretty good. Nothing a good waffle iron wouldn't top but still we were happy and eating waffles.

After a lunch made of leftovers it was outside to pickup, edge, and then mow. This is the correct order and a little under two hours later I was able to hold my head up and look my neighbours in the eye for the first time in weeks. The pledge to do this weekly has been made. Don't think it will go very far but the pledge has been made.

Late afternoon we sat down to watch Monsters versus Aliens. I liked it. We also went over to our neighbours for an afternoon tea: iced tea, cinnamon buns, peanut butter cookies and fresh strawberries. The kids were in heaven. I was feeling pretty good as well.

After the wife arrived at the neighbours (she had been out for a walk with the baby and the baby was the real reason for the invite to tea, once again I thought I was the draw only to be proven wrong) we came back home to make stuffed roast pork and baked yams. It was a little messy and a little behind schedule but it was tasty and that makes up for most other faults. The apple crumble became apple rhubarb crumble on the insistence of the Mrs. and she was so right. Very very good. Now the kids are in the bath and asides from not getting in to work today (I needed to put in about an hour) I am pretty satisfied with the day. Just a sec... I checked with the Mrs. and she is pretty satisfied too. Phew, now about topping this for next year. Time to start planning.

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