Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well here are the two oldest explaining how they dressed their respective pizzas this evening.

As for the old farts the first pizza was spectacular. We bought some hot capicolli and put it up on top of the cheese. With red pepper, red onions and black olives it was really really good. We once again have to pay homage to the European vacation that my sibling went on. Our dough which used to be pretty good, now occasionally reaches that next level where the wife says something like, "you could sell this". You know, it is so thin it doesn't seem like you are actually eating any crust yet at the same time it is super crisp. On top of that, it is strong enough to hold up a bunch of toppings and a generous portion of sauce without breaking through or getting soggy.

The second pizza wasn't quite as inspired. I tried the capicolli under the toppings. This does not let the flavour of the meat really blossom. Also not enough olives leftover for the second pizza. It did have mushrooms which is a definite plus but it certainly didn't reach the nirvana that I had attained minutes before. Still working at my craft. Some day ... some day...
On a different note, I transplanted my peppers and tomatoes today. They are a little small for this time of year but in the five inch pots they should start to take off. Note broken little mermaid bubble blower in the background. We will use this as a measure of growth. Must remember to water them regularily.

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