Friday, May 15, 2009

Where you been?

I mean it has been almost a week and you haven't even been on vacation. Long story short, heck of a busy week. Finally have a chance to catch my breath.

We had meetings, pension seminars, running sessions, and a dance recital this week. I have been ordered to buy the video of the dance recital. I am working on it. Here is a pic of the kid dressed for the show. She was great.

As for dinner this week we had a wide variety none of which was cooked by yours truly. Here on Friday night we had a tofu casserole and te-maki sushi. I did do some work today so dinner was eaten after mowing the lawn, running 13 k and taking the two oldest swimming. If I manage to make it through the long weekend I am going to need a couple of days rest.

Oh, by the way. I love that fact that my slack siblings can't complain about a lack of blogs because they themselves are so farin arrears. For my other readers sorry about being away so long. It really was a very busy week.

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