Saturday, May 2, 2009

I've got Gas.

And with it I scalded me up some good steak and potatoes this evening. Yes, we broke out the barbecue this evening and after marinating some steak in soy sauce and crushed garlic we grilled it up. I also made some baked potatoes and wrapped up some onion, mushroom and butter in foil as well. It all turned out quite nicely.In another interesting turn of events today the daughter got a slight hair cut. When I say slight I mean dramatic. It is now at her chin whereas it used to be at the middle of her back. We also forked out for a good head lice comb. Not the 20 dollar affair (the Rolls Royce of head lice combs) but we have steel teeth and I am pretty sure it will do the job. We are tired of fighting this fight. I started back in late 2008. If we are not successful in the next month she is going to get a much shorter hair cut. Something along the lines of what I sport. Yes, she will be scarred. But aren't we all scarred, in some way.

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von grudegin said...

I think she looks super cute. But that's just me