Saturday, May 2, 2009

Go fly a kite.

Well imagine you have gone out to do just that. Imagine you chose the kite from the store, even if it was meant for the whole family. Imagine you got to carry said kite home from the store. Now imagine you are told quite unceremoniously that you have to take turns with said kite. This is how you might look if you were three going on four. However, this anger and frustration would pass quite quickly and you would be back to running around a field on a day with no wind. We had a good time and I had all three kids in tow. So the Mrs. got some stuff done at the homestead and had some quiet time. Later that day (this post is a day late) the daughter and I rode our bikes down to the library and grocery store. We bought pizza making ingredients, borrowed some books and videos and headed for home. Back at the castle we whipped up some pizza dough and sauce before heading to the pool. Fortunately the older son woke up and came with us. With our swim behind us we came home and made pizza. A little while later our Japanese friend came over to snack on a few slices before catching a bus to the coast. At this point I realised what I had done and took a picture of the remaining pizza.I did not buy any salami tonight and I realise I need to work on my vegetarian flavourings. When one goes veggie they should be certain that it is very delicious. Turning people off of vegetarian food is really a crime against society. So yeah, good dough, good sauce, just need to find the right vegetable mix. Currently bread dough is rising in the kitchen. No idea what we are having for dinner. Time to hit the garden.

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