Monday, May 4, 2009

We Got Chicken.

So they had to bulk packs of chicken on sale today. Buy one get one free. It worked out to about a buck a pound. They were big packs which means we had over 50 drumsticks in our house this afternoon. 13 have now been accounted for as we had a shake and bake night. The son powered down four drumsticks, two helpings of rice and a fair amount of boiled carrots, peas and corn (some peas were still cold, how long does one need to boil frozen peas? I just can't get it right). The daughter made short work of three and will be having one for lunch tomorrow. Me and the Mrs. took care of the rest. Good dinner and good start to the week. We have it planned all the way out to Sunday. Lets hope we manage to keep things on track.

In another nice turn of events we got an e-mail from the new Mrs. at the wedding we attended recently. Here are some pics of us turned out in our finest. Pretty weird to have the two shot. Those pesky kids are almost always messing any pictures that are being taken of us these days. I also like the black and white one below. We got two versions of it but in the other one my eyes are closed but you can really see my son.
I figured you would all like this one better.


von grudegin said...

I love both of the pics. Couldn't say I like one better. The top one is great because it is candid but the bottom one is really lovely too. "to the happy couple!"

Allison said...

i like the pics too. it isn't everyday you get to see just the romance of the sachon and David. I really like the top one but agree that both are great.