Monday, June 1, 2009

Fish on the cob.

For my Japanese readers.

Nihon Jin ga kono blog wo yonde imasu. Dare desu ka. Comment ni namae kaitte kudasai.
So it was corn and fish for our evening feed. The fish was lightly battered , (the wife had a rough day and couldn't take it out on the kids) and then pan fried. The corn was very gently boiled (still crunchy but the kids loved it). Also there was a risotto-esque stir fried rice and veggies dish. Not quite as smooth as risotto but definitely a few steps beyond cha-han. I put together another bowl of guacamole. This evening I added in the kids salsa, no yogurt, no vinegar. Currently the daughter is finishing off the dip and the chips while watching Oliver (animated) behind me. In other news the son dropped out of swimming lessons today. He was in the pre school level one and they are learning to blow bubbles and slip into the pool holding the instructors hands. I think he was just super bored because he likes diving for rings and jumping head first into the deep end. I sat with him watching the lesson for about twenty minutes thinking he might crack and want to join but to no avail. So we walked home. The lady from the pool called us up after dinner. After talking to his teacher she offered to put him into the level 5,6,7 class. So if things line up we may give that a shot on Wednesday. However, I am feeling like we might do just as well going and challenging ourselves at public swim. With his sister around he has all the motivation one could ask for. That with the fact he has no fear and really what else do you need. Wait till he's six and sign him up for the swim team.

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Hayato said...

Hi! watashi ha nihon jin desu.

i sometimes read this weblog, it is not that often though. are there many who check this webpage from japan?? anyways i am one of them.

i enjoy your pics and it is really a great practice of english to read your writings. i am a teacher of senior high school in Niigata and teaches english now.