Tuesday, April 28, 2009

That sucks.

So I had some problems uploading pictures last night. The computer wouldn't recognize the camera and I was sort of freaking out because this is still a relatively new purchase for us and I am not looking to break the bank with the outlay for a new one. Then the wife mentions that our son had been sucking on the end of the usb cord that attaches the camera to the computer. Honestly, did anyone figure this was a technological problem they would have to contend with. I didn't. So now that it is dried out it seems to be working fine.
As for dinner this fine evening we had Oyako Don. It is kind of a chicken stir fry that is then simmered in a sweet broth. Finally an egg layer is added over top and once that firms up you are ready to serve over a bowl of rice. The over a bowl of rice is the whole Don part of the name. Any Japanese restaurant you go to, if the menu item ends in Don or starts with Don then you are getting a bowl of rice with ingrediants on top.

I really enjoyed the meal. It is one of those ones where the wife doesn't bring it out that often and that makes it that much tastier. Its special.


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