Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dead Soldiers

Well that is what me and my running buddies had for dinner. It was a hot running night and with 20 minutes noticed I invited them over for a few pops apres run. The wife of course had whipped up some amazing appetizers. We were having healthy spinach dip with veggies. The entrees were salmon steaks and they didn't make the rounds as we buy family specific servings. However, our spicy bean dish from last night with some rice definitely filled up what room there was remaining in our guests gullets. The salmon was excellent. I had mine on a half baguette of garlic bread. Truly outstanding. I didn't partake of the coleslaw. What with being already stuffed to the gunnels. However, it looked great. I actually took out an M and M meats, frozen crab and cheese dip package and nuked it up for the guests as well. That stuff is pretty good. Well I don't know what the issue is but blogger will not upload the picture of empty beer cans. Maybe this is some kind of critique of my weak blog content. Trust me, you aint missing much. As for the lovely dinner, all I can do is shrug. Hope to catch it tomorrow night.

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