Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dai Shippai

That was the original title I was working with for this evenings blog. It means "complete screw up" and refers to the fact that neither of my kids would even swallow one bite of this evenings meal. It was kind of a bean curry. The wife thought I was being hard on myself but let me lay out my case.
So we had this packet of vinadaloo curry paste sitting in the cupboard. I knew it was hot but figured a big pot of beans and veggies with some vinegar and crushed tomatoes would spread that heat out and everyone would enjoy. Well, I really liked it. The wife enjoyed her bowl too but the kids. Well the kids are just not into spicy. I think I should take my mother's avenue of attack and start making two batches of everything. Then I will tell the kids they are not allowed the hot one. Slowly the spicy will gain esteem in their eyes as they are not allowed to eat it. Eventually they will be converted, probably right around the time I develop heart trouble and have to lay off the spicy food. Well I said it here first.

The watermelon was nice and my son chiseled in on the boarders pork chops. The daughter had her "last day of dance class" party and was pretty snacked up by the time she got home. So it might not be all my fault. But it might be.

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