Friday, May 22, 2009


Waddling home with the three kids today it was hot. Like warm breeze in the face looking for shady spots to walk in hot. The thermometer was only at 27 but with the sun smothering us from above it felt way hotter. The reason I was walking home with all three was that the Mrs. had left them with me. We met at the elementary school and she took off for her run while I head home with the gang. Everything went smoothly until I woke on the living room floor to start of a "pick me up please" cry. However, mom was already back and catching a quick shower so I was not forced to provide a feed.
I was required to provide some feed for the other folk. This evening that came in the form of some barbecue chicken. Now that says summer. The kids actually ate outside. The grown ups enjoyed the more refined (this is a questionable claim) environs of our dining room. I hope you note the healthy spinach dip from yesterday. Also the last of the watermelon. Man is watermelon ever good. On the plate with the chicken you can also see some garlic pan fried green beans with the last of the red cabbage coleslaw. The plate at the top is not my salad. It was a communal veggie dipping plate.

So now that I am once again stuffed it is time to brush some teeth and watch bugsy malone. Hitting some nostalgic notes this week. Hope the kids like it.

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