Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Light eating.

Well with Miso soup and pan fried salmon you have to be feeling like a culinary king. Not to mention the steamed veggies. Yes I ate very well this evening. Only, I had most of a hollow chocolate Easter egg from my kids left over Easter candy right after getting in the door. Bad me.

Note to self. Next year buy the kids chocolate yourself and limit others to small gifts(under ten dollars per kid), not chocolate . Really though it was a great dinner. However, the picture could probably be recycled. I mean we have pan fried salmon with rice and miso, sometimes the veggies are steamed, sometimes stir fried, sometimes salad. The daughter was raving about the garlic slices that were fried up with the salmon. It was good. I'm just saying it wasn't inspiring. Maybe I am just feeling the second year blahs. Everything seems to be repeating. Didn't I already say that.

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von grudegin said...

I just noticed that you were wearing the Calvin and Hobbes tie at the Juice's wedding. That is so crazy. I gave you that tie in 1996. I gave you three that I got in Hong Kong for five bucks each and you almost killed me. You told me I should have bought you millions of them so you would be set for life. I didn't know just how serious you were. Makes me real happy to see you wearing it.

I really liked Sachon's and Kohei's pictures on the blog. You should encourage more members of the fam to take pics. I would also like more closeups on the food. I want to see steam, dammit!