Thursday, April 16, 2009

First timers Quiche

Well not having any sense I decided we should make quiche tonight. We had made it before right. Apparently wrong is the correct answer. I know I have never tried my hand at the almost veggie dish and the wife gave me a convincing shoulder shrug. So it was off to the cook book for me. In the end it turned out pretty well. We had the pie crust mix so add water and roll worked pretty well. I don't think I baked it long or hot enough but it wasn't runny. Runny quiche would have been bad. We made two and the wife and I combined our effort and whipped up some coleslaw. It was good and seeing as I managed to get a run in after school life is grand. Although I sure wish I was Italy. Someday we will conquer Europe. Someday.

The following are random kid pictures taken today. Enjoy.

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Rachel Catriona said...

Someone from Italy came to your blog!!! No Milan this trip - there really is just too much to see and do over here. It is kind of overwhelming.

Quiche totally reminds me of mum.

I was thinking I could totally see you guys camping through Europe one summer. Think about it. Buy a camper van that you sell at end of trip. It would be awesome. There is lots of camping in Italy, I was really surprised.

Hugs especially to that Kaz.