Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back on Track.

Well we all got back into our routine today. As you can see from these openers the son was back to snapping random shots from the camera left on the desk.Darn it, even Unicorns are even getting some work done on my computer while I'm out.
The son didn't do to badly with this shot of the wife and baby still in their pajamas. I am going to assume this was before lunch. But you never know.

The wife even got in on the action picture taking action.
But seriously, they don't spend all day in their pajamas taking random pictures of each other. The get busy making great dinners for the rest of us. For example, this really nice turkey and pasta casserole with stir fried veggies was served this evening. It was very nice and in a break from tradition I didn't not add any additional flavouring. No hot sauce (we are out) no soy sauce (didn't seem like a good fit) no salt or pepper ( I had sat down and didn't want to get back up) no nothing. And it was great. Once again we dined on leftover christmas turkey. It really was a large bird. We are really trying to work our way through the frozen supplies that are in the deep freezer and we are making good progress. By the end of this week we should be out of just about everything. Sort of a mixed feeling there.

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